Design of Church Financial Information System with Accounting Standards using Rapid Application Development Method (RAD)

Argo Wibowo ., Rosa Delima .


Church is a non-profit religious institution. Church has a primary orientation for service to its congregations. Nevertheless, good financial management is still needed for the organization to grow and improve the quality of service to its congregations. Currently, most of the churches already have good financial management. However, most of the financial management that is implemented is still manual, yet to use a special information system for the management of their financial database. Based on these conditions which is reinforced by the demand for the development of financial information systems for several church, this research is conducted in the development of the Church's financial system. The system is developed using Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach, which consists of three main stages: planning, design and development, and system implementation. This article deals specifically with the design of the church's financial information system. The design of the system consists of the design of the flow diagram of the data entry accounting cycle, the use case diagram design, the Entity relationship diagram design, the activity diagram design, and the report design on the system. All the design results will be a guide in making the system.


Church Financial Information System, Nonprofit Organization Financial Report, Rapid Application Development

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